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Your Guide to Financial Domination

We'd like to welcome you to Cash Slavery, your online guide to financial domination, money mistresses, cash princesses and all sorts of fetish fun. Stay updated on the newest goddesses on the scene, questions from submissive men and whatever else we feel like teasing you with.
Pantyhose Cams Equal Constant Teasing

Pantyhose Cams Equal Constant Teasing

Pantyhose cams.

Did you think we’d forget all the foot lovers out there? Not a chance. That’s why we’re talking pantyhose cams! You’re probably wondering why that’s so exciting, well it’s because there’s nothing more appropriate for a pathetic foot addict than dealing with constant teasing when they’re online.

You might have thought you’d go under the radar but trust me when I say we know all about you and your biggest weakness; pantyhose and stockings.

Pantyhose Cams of All Flavors

When someone thinks pantyhose they often envision the sheer, nude colored full coverage pantyhose women typically wear when they are dressed up but we know you stocking fiends way better than that. If we are going to be talking about pantyhose cams being used to tease you then we need them of all flavors.

We know you weakling have different tastes when it comes to your hosiery. For instance tons of you love those classic pantyhose but there are also the men into fishnets & thigh-highs, not to mention the guys into more elegant or vintage seamed hose. As you can see pantyhose lovers come in as many different styles as the hosiery itself does. That’s precisely why you’ll be able to get in touch with dominant women with full collections of pantyhose and all the other goodies as well.

Now you can look forward to an around the clock, non-stop tease-fest that can go with you anywhere you are. You know what that means? We can tease you on your Tablet, PC or Mobile. You’ve been had!

Pantyhose Princesses

Cash Pigs Need to Prepare for Draining

Cash Pigs Need to Prepare for Draining

Cash PigsNow that all of us have launched a website you cash pigs need to prepare for draining.

What type of draining you might ask? Cash draining.

You must have known that because what better way is there to use a helpless, submissive, inferior man slave than to financial drain him dry while keeping him constantly horny and throbbing. Even you can’t deny that sounds erotic.

Hey now, don’t think for a second that we don’t have all of our bases covered; because we do. You’ll be able to serve one of us princesses or mistresses online, over the phone and yes even on webcam.

We Show Cash Pigs We are the Real Deal

We know just from experience and from what our slaves have told us, that many supposed goddesses never seem to want to prove who they are or even show themselves! That’s not a problem with us. Not only will we prove that it’s the same people in our pictures but we will show you on cam, custom videos, pictures or whatever else it takes for your pay piggy hind-end to not worry.

 All Cash Pigs Have Preferences

What the hell? Do you think we just got started? We know that all cash pigs have their own separate fantasies and preferences in regards to what we chat about, what you see on cam and all those other naughty bits that are involved with female domination.

There is no need to worry piglets, not only do we know all about the world of fetish fun but we practically auto tailor everything to what you reveal to us. You know you want to share those secrets, so go ahead and do it — it’ll only make things hotter, faster.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into forced intoxication, humiliation, sissification, feet, panties, cleavage or anything else you can dream up, we will leave you drained of cash and doing everything you can to experience it all again.

All you cash pigs better watch out because once we sink our claws into you, the fun and draining begins. Flop out your wallet and your pigtail because it’s time to get used.

Mistress Vivian Loves Submissive Guys

Mistress Vivian Loves Submissive Guys

Mistress VivianI’ve always preferred submissive guys otherwise I wouldn’t be referred to as Mistress Vivian but I am. For me guys are fun to humiliate, tease and use for personal entertainment amongst other things.

As far as style I love rocking the pinup girl look and have a total fetish for nylons, stockings and pantyhose. There is just something about the way they look and feel against my porcelain skin.

I am a very imaginative mistress and love getting into explicit conversations, verbal abuse and of course mind games. Isn’t manipulation and blackmail fun?

It doesn’t stop there though, I’m also a really good listener so when you tell me things about your own fantasies, believe me I hear them and take note of it so I can fine tune our fetish related interactions in a way that leave you begging Mistress Vivian to use you.

What is Mistress Vivian Into?

I am open to any and all fetishes, fantasies and role playing but there are a few things I really, really enjoy so I’ll list them here you for. See if you like any of the same things I do!

My Favorite Fetishes

  1. Tease & Denial
  2. Pantyhose, Stockings and High Heels
  3. Humiliation and Feminization Training
  4. Mind Control and Brainwashing
  5. SPH, JOI, CEI and CBT

There you have it! That’s just a few of the things that really get me going but I’m always open to new adventures so share your favorites with Mistress and show me your submissive side, the side that I love to exploit.


Ass POV Webcam Teasers

Ass POV Webcam Teasers

Ass POV WebcamAll of you ass addicts are going to go crazy when you hear about the ass pov webcam teasers taking place.

We know what makes you butt lovers weak so we just had to make this happen.

You may or may not know what an ass worship session is like but lets just say that now no matter when you start craving it, where you are or what type of device your using — you’ll be able to lay back and submit to an ass pov webcam tease session.

What’s an Ass POV Webcam Teaser?

Picture yourself laying on your back or sitting on the floor and seeing the mistress of your dreams towering over top of you. Maybe she is wearing a tiny skirt that you can see up, maybe she’s just wearing thongs or even skin tight leggings but there is one common denominator amongst them all and that’s you point of view (POV) is that of a true butt worshiper. Being beneath a woman’s ass shows your submission to her, shows you’re prepared to worship and serve her but also makes a great place to plant our soft round tushes.

Now you can get your ass worship fix anytime you need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re online, on a laptop or using your smart phone — we can go along with you now. That’s right a dominant goddess to serve anywhere you go. Think how much more fun killing time will be when you have a perfect ass to worship anytime and any place.

Are you ready to worship? We know you are so check it out for yourself and see why our ass pov webcam teasers will constantly leave your balls blue and throbby.

Cash Princess is Ready to Rule Over You

Cash Princess is Ready to Rule Over You

Cash PrincessEnough of the games, a real cash princess is ready to rule over you like no other has before me.

No matter what you’re into I can be as dominant and ruthless as I need to be, as manipulative and mean as I want and will flip your fantasies upside down until you’re left gasping for more.

I’ve always been hot, always been sought after and always treated guys like they were nothing more than disposable objects to me. There’s nothing that gets me wetter than brainwashing a guy and draining him of all his money.

A cash princess like me has exquisite tastes and you are the horny fool that will provide it all for me because you want to and I said to. You’ll soon realize all your money is actually my cash to blow on what I wish while you’re left with enough to pay your bills and get your tush out there churning up some more for me.

Cash Princess Demands the Best

Don’t expect me to settle for anything ever. Sure if you are a good cash piggy I might cut you some slack once in a great while or maybe do something special for you but none of that happens without me being spoiled with tributes, my panties packed with money and all of my needs taken care of. In doing so I may just pity my human atm’s and spend some of my time with you.

We both know a perfect pretty cash princess like me doesn’t come cheap and neither does my time. I can have any man I want so if a horny pig like you wants my attention you’ll pay your cash princess dearly for it and love every minute of it.


Femdom Chat is Here to Stay

Femdom Chat is Here to Stay

Femdom chatAs more men continue to realize their place, live femdom chat is definitely here to stay.

Guys are slowly but surely realizing they are inferior to a superior woman and there is no going back. Ever since women became liberated we have slowly but surely taken over the gender race.

Put simply; women rule and men drool. That truly explains everything. Men do everything in life surrounding what women want and the things they desire such as attention, sex, blow jobs etc… all come from us — so there is denying we hold all the power.

The explosion of femdom chat on the internet has led more guys to come to the realization that it is better to give in and do as we want then to try to put up a fight that can never be won.

Femdom Chat is Proof of a Female Takeover

The femdom takeover is just about completed now and we get closer with each submissive man that we use for our own benefit. No longer do we need to be in a real deal relationship with a man to control and use him — we can do it all via online femdom chat at places like ImaFemdom.

Don’t you love technology?

Why Women are Better Than You

Why Women are Better Than You

women are better than menThere is not even a debate in regards to why women are better than you and by you I mean men in general.

It’s so obvious that you can’t even compare that it’s almost pointless explaining why it’s the case.

However I am feeling nice today so I’ll touch on the finer points about why women are better than you guys.

1. Looks and Sex Appeal

First of all we are the better looking gender, the more attractive of the two counterparts, not by a little but by a huge amount. Our faces are more appealing, our hair, the curves of our bodies and even the aspects you can’t even see are more than enough to drive the inferior male insane.

2. Female vs Male Intelligence

Now on to the intelligence level. Women think completely differently than men. Men think with their penises where women actually have the ability to think without sex ever playing a role whatsoever. We can have sex when we feel like it and don’t when we don’t. Lets see you submissive men try that! I guarantee you’ll be bucking your chair trying to keep from masturbating by day 5 and while you’re jerking yourself silly, we will be plotting our next manipulative move.

3. We Control Sex at All Times

Sexually we feel better, last longer and can go multiple times anytime we feel like it. Spur of the moment? No problem.  Making a guy wait a year for a touch of a boob? If we felt like it.

Men only wish they could turn it on and off  and control it the way we do but you can’t. If I wanted sex right now it would be as easy as wanting it. You men on the other hand will probably end up pumping your pillow before you get a real woman that fast in your lifetime.

Whether sex happens or not is completely up to us at all times.

4. Deal with it Women are Better Than You.