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Your Guide to Financial Domination

We'd like to welcome you to Cash Slavery, your online guide to financial domination, money mistresses, cash princesses and all sorts of fetish fun. Stay updated on the newest goddesses on the scene, questions from submissive men and whatever else we feel like teasing you with.
Ebony Cash Mistress for Lowly Money Slaves

Ebony Cash Mistress for Lowly Money Slaves

Ebony Cash MistressBeautiful, arrogant and superior. I’m an Ebony Cash Mistress that loves to use lowly money slaves for my own financial gain.

I’ve always used men. For as long as I can remember I’ve always used my beauty, my charm and my body to manipulate them into doing things for me. Of course I did it all without having sex with them as well. You could say I know how to tease and demand what I want in a way that leaves them little choice. Unless of course they want to face the repercussions.

But you lowly money slaves don’t want to do that — you don’t want to upset me. You’d rather do whatever it takes to please your Nubian Queen and Ebony Cash Mistress so that I’ll continue to pay attention to you and continue showing you my sweet treats from time to time.

An Ebony Cash Mistress That Must Be Spoiled

What good is a man that isn’t willing to give it all up for you? Nothing. That’s how I see it and my mind will never change. A man is there to serve and spoil beautiful sexy cash mistresses like me. In return you get all of your fantasies coming true such as the ability to talk to me, to see me on webcam, to whine to me about your desires and of course the exploiting of your deepest fantasies and fetishes. That is so worth it! Now that’s enough thinking for you, I’ll handle that from now on!

You just need to come and show me that you want nothing more than to be a good money slave and tribute your Ebony Cash Mistress like the queen she is.


Human Atms: True Financial Domination

Human Atms: True Financial Domination

Human AtmsWhen it comes to true financial domination, the use of Human ATMs are the pinnacle of it. We’re talking true blue cash slavery where the submissive male slaves coughs up cash quicker than a real ATM machine at your local bank.

Personally these are some of my favorite slaves because they are so submissive and weak that it makes it more fun to really get into their minds and milk them dry of all that cash.

Human ATMs know their place in life and know what role they place in the life of their owners. It’s one of complete submission, where they are controlled, manipulated and used as their owner sees fit. They are to do what they are told without question and in return of course their owner (someone like me) will ensure that it’s not so far that their human atm machine can’t continue working like a slave to earn them more.

Human ATMs: Craving Cash Draining

You Human ATMs that are reading this right now are most likely already craving a heavy cash draining. Well no problem there at all – get into it. And for those of you that are just thinking about it, don’t worry… everything is discreet, private and totally secure. Not to mention we can use you like a human atm on the phone, your tablets and your computer. Talk about never being able to escape right?!

Cash draining is an integral part of human ATMs lives so how could we not give you exactly what you need? We aren’t that cruel. The epitome of financial domination is that of a Human ATM, so if and when you reach that status, you know you’ve made it.


Pay to Pamper Princess’s Pretty Feet

Pay to Pamper Princess’s Pretty Feet

Pay to Pamper PrincessYour biggest fantasy is to pay to pamper Princess’s pretty feet. Don’t lie, don’t fight it — just embrace what it is that you need the most in life.

A pretty petite pair of feet that will drive you crazy including your meat. Don’t you love stuff that rhymes?

I’m a beautiful Princess and I expect to always been treated as much and addressed as such. You on the other hand are a foot fetish loving pig that wants to sniff, lick, hump and who knows what else with my pretty feet. However you have to pay to pamper princess’s feet! You should know that by now and if you don’t, you might as well get used to it.

Princess’s Pretty Feet Deserve the Best

Look at my pretty feet and try to tell me I don’t deserve the best. Whether it’s shoes, high heels, flip-flops or just cash stuffed into between my tiny toes — I deserve it all and Princess will take it!

Get weakened and turned into a true foot worshiper by me, then you’ll see exactly where you belong as well as what your time, attention and money will be spent on from now on.


Can I Get My Penis Humiliated Online?

Can I Get My Penis Humiliated Online?

Penis Humiliated on CamQuestion: Can I get my penis humiliated online by a dominant female?

Absolutely! There are a few ways you can go about getting your penis humiliated online. It all depends on what level of penis humiliation you’re looking for but let’s go ahead and see what you have for options.

Check out the options below to get started.

Showing Your Penis Pics and Videos Online

You will obviously need to show off that tiny dink if you wanted to get it humiliated. Luckily for you their are social sharing websites that are veered towards it such as SYTD where you can submit your penis for comments, rating and humiliation (if it is deserved!) plus all sorts of other fun stuff.

Getting Your Penis Humiliated Live

Now if you are looking to experience the real deal then you will want to go ahead with some live online small penis humiliation. One of us goddesses can easily handle your small manhood and if you have a webcam you can truly show it to one of us or a group of us live. We’re talking we can see you and you can see us, plus chat via microphones, text chat and much more. Get your webcam ready and check out all the goddesses currently online.

Well that should cover you getting that mini-penis of yours humiliated online. Let us know how it goes for you and which option you prefer. Who knows you might just fall in love with them both!

Ignoration: A Favorite Fetish for Losers

Ignoration: A Favorite Fetish for Losers

Ignoration FetishSubmissive pigs and losers have a new favorite fetish to enjoy; ignoration. Doesn’t it sound like fun already?

Ignoration is where a sub-male spends money to watch a superior girl on cam or even calls her phone line only to be ignored the whole time.

Those of you that are familiar with it, need to give ours a try and those of you that are new to it, need to give it a try! It’s incredibly suitable for those pathetic worms and humiliation addicts out there.

Experiencing Ignoration

You may get totally disregarded and forgotten as you continue to pay, maybe you’ll get laughed at or spoke over every time you try to ask for something. Ignoration takes on many forms and is always tailored to the loser pig paying to be used — as it should be.

But think about how lucky you are to even get to enjoy one of us on webcam or hear one of us over the phone. That’s a true privilege and honor to be able to be ignored like a loser and piggy. Don’t you ever forget that.


Pay the Princess You Cash Pigs

Pay the Princess You Cash Pigs

Pay the PrincessYou pathetic cash pigs have one duty in this world and that is to pay the princess!

Your typical week is probably busy juggling tasks, running a business or putting in extra hours at the office. Yet at the end of the week you get a juicy paycheck that has my name all over it.

Sure you work hard but you work hard for me now. All that extra cash isn’t anything you need — you need me. All you need is enough spare change to pay so you can cover your basic bills and food. The rest of it all comes directly to your pay princess.

Your Pleasure: When You Pay the Princess

You will derive all your pleasure from me from now on. As you continue to pay the princess like a proper cash pig, you will soon find that I am the only thing that can get you hard. I’ll slowly but surely own you and your money. That is something you want so badly too.

All you need to do is enjoy being able to serve princesses like me (that you never could otherwise) and enjoy your place as my horny cash pig.


Submissive Losers Will Learn to Obey Mistress

Submissive Losers Will Learn to Obey Mistress

Submissive LosersLook what you stumbled upon! You submissive losers will now learn to obey mistress in the proper manner.

You’ve spent enough time aimlessly looking around for freebies and now it’s time to pay you horny cash pig losers!

Submissive losers are straight up toys to me, my personal property that I use however and whenever I feel like it. Problem with it? Didn’t think so. Now let’s where were we. Oh yes you were about to head down the path you are destined to go down — serving your new money mistress and being another source for money and entertainment for me.

Submissive Losers Need to Get Used

I’m the real deal. A mistress that knows what she wants and has the body, face and brains to take anything I want from you. Don’t worry pigs, I’m open to discussing all sorts of fetishes and fantasies with you along the way. But keep in mind you little submissive losers, that I am the one who has all the power and you are there for me to pump the pig bucks out of until my handbags are packed full.

Get ready to start paying and obeying, losers! I have everything I need to tease, train and turn you into my full blown submissive loser slave. Now get your ass over here!