Addicted to Ass Worship and Can’t Deny

Ass worship addiction

Glad I could finally find a place to share my addiction to ass worship. I didn’t think ass worship was something I’d be into but as I got older my love for big butts turned into much more.

When I realized I was a submissive man I just thought I liked aggressive women and women that would have sex on top but I found it was much more.

I’ll cut to the chase — an ex-girlfriend of mine sat on my face and asked me to lick her butt-hole, not just her vagina. Once those firm cheeks were against me and I inhaled the smell of her butt, I almost shot my load right then and there.

Now I’m online, single and jacking off constantly to pics and videos of booty but I need something more. Would a woman ever date me and be into ass worship or is there any way I can submit to a powerful ass online or am I just a hopeless weirdo?  Help me if you can. Thank you for your time, beautiful mistresses.

Ass Worship Addict Needing His Fix

Thanks for the question and one thing I understand completely is that you NEED ASS in your life and all the time. So lets cut to the chase and address your silly ass worshiping slave questions.

For one I think there are definitely women out there that would date a man that is into ass worship because I personally know at least a dozen (no I’m not introducing you). Many women enjoy getting their pretty pink asses licked by a submissive man but yes we are far more rare than those that never would — so keep searching.

If you’re looking immediate ass worship indulgence then I’d suggest you try something like femdom webcam chat. You’ll be able to see those beautiful butts, chat with them and everyone you could in person except reach through the screen and touch them. It’s truly the perfect solution for fetish lovers of all types including an ass worship addict like you. Check it out for yourself and see why I am hooked on hot ass.

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