Mistress Milks Money Pigs Dry

Mistress milks money pigsIt’s so erotic and alluring so give in while mistress milks money pigs like you dry. That money isn’t you money anyways — it’s mine. You work hard for it but you’re not hot enough to get a perfect mistress like I am. Most of you losers are lucky that your penises will even let you touch them!

Weak men, submissive guys and pathetic money pigs need to know better than to think they can keep any of that cash to themselves. It’s all to be sent to your mistress for the honor bestowed upon you in regards to being able to even speak to me not to mention see me on webcam etc…

Work Hard for Mistress You Money Pigs

Today will be the beginning of a new start for you in life. A new start in your goals and your overall focus on things. Now it’s all about me! Your one and only goal in life is to please me and you know that it’s going to take a lot of money but you’ll do what it takes to get me what I need. In return you’ll experience so many things, feelings and pleasures you didn’t even know you were capable of.

Trust me when I tell you that true pleasure and control will come from me — exactly what you need in life you soon to be enslaved money pigs. Get in touch when you are prepared to serve a true money mistress.


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