Ruthless Financial Domination and Blackmail

Ruthless financial dominationThere are money mistress and then there are women like me that are into ruthless financial domination and hardcore blackmail. That turns you on doesn’t it?

Why try to hide it when you know it sounds so erotic and thrilling that your small guy in your pants starting jumping around. How difficult is it to resist paying the princess? Extremely difficult — especially when I have you addicted to spending all that pig cash on me.

Men are there to be used as far as I’m concerned and via ruthless financial domination with a tablespoon of blackmail — you’ll be spitting it out faster than a human atm. Human ATM? That sounds like a suitable name for a money pig like you.

Pay Pigs Prepare for Ruthless Financial Domination

I don’t just want a little. I want all the money, every cent of it. If you have a dollar to your name — I want it and deserve it. The only thing you need in your life is me, your owner and all the fun that comes along with being my personal pay pig. You can’t resist, so don’t try to,  just give in and release all the money to me.


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