What is a Money Mistress?

What is a Money MistressA money mistress is a name that describes a dominant woman that uses men for her own personal gain via financial domination, blackmail, brainwashing, seduction or any combination of them.

The money mistress will use every advantage she has to make a man submit and let his guard down before she infiltrates and drains him of as much money as possible. Although she is a dominant woman she is not a typical dominatrix but we will get into that next.

Money Mistress vs Dominatrix: The Differences

Most people when they see money mistress they assume that she is a dominatrix but they are actually quite different. Typically a dominatrix is a woman that dominates a man and inflicts pain on him physically in some way whether it’s via spanking or some other form of fun but she doesn’t use him solely for his money. A dominatrix might even have a full blown relationship with a man whereas a money mistress rarely is in that situation unless the money is extremely good!

Another thing that sets a money mistress apart from a dominatrix is the style they have.  A money mistress is usually dressed like any other sexy woman you’d see but a dominatrix typical goes much more theatrical with the lingerie choices such as latex, leather and things of that nature.

The Essence of the Money Mistress

In essence a money mistress is a superior dominant woman that has a love for wealth and all the things that come along with it. She is to be served, spoiled and given cash constantly to keep her happy otherwise you’ll fall out of favor with her fast. They will often incorporate all sorts of different fantasies or things that you enjoy but it’s always solely because it will help to break you down and make you more vulnerable to her greedy ways.


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